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As with many hospitality businesses, we are feeling the pressure of the current impacts of the pandemic.  As such, we have decided to postpone our re-opening until February 2022 once this current "wave" settles.



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Since 2011, we’ve been working on bringing a new style of venue to the local Macarthur area.  We're not a pub, we're not a restaurant. We're a cellar door bar with a bit of clever theming.

The vibe is chilled and everyone is welcome.  When we open the doors to Sgt Reid's, we are opening the doors to our home to you.  We want you to feel at home, either tucked in a corner for a quiet romantic night, or out on the lawn looking up at the stars.

Sgt Reid came into the picture in the Gledswood history books when he arrived on the shores of Botany Bay onboard H.M.S. Borrowdale... without introduction, without expectation but with gusto!  Sgt Reid was a rum loving First Mate with many a story to tell.  You didn't need to give him a rum because he always had plenty.

First Mate Reid was part of the thriving rum economy that was rife within the colony at the time.   Need a mate to do something for you? Pay him in rum. Job done... with wobbly boots, but done!

First Mate Reid's love of rum leads us into a really cool fact about Gledswood Homestead & Winery.  Our property was the first property in the colony ... in the 1800's... to be granted a liquor license with permission to produce rum.  The plan was for the government at the time to wipe out the rum economy and put a tax on the hot commodity.   It was at this stage that First Mate Reid decided that  his days as a sailor were done, and he joined the NSW Corps and soon became Sgt Reid.

Often as you walk around the property, you can still hear the roaring chuckle of Sgt Reid in the distance. 

And this my friends is the story behind Sgt Reid.  We've renamed our favourite place on the property in honour of the great man.

Next time you are here, have a drink for Sgt Reid.  



900 Camden Valley Way Gledswood Hills 2557


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We're open from 5:30pm until late most Fridays.
Some week's we may be booked for a private event so make sure you check our socials for updates.